Reputation Management through Google Profiles

A while back we talked about managing your reputation by creating profiles on the more popular social media sites to help boost your ranking (SEO) and control what shows up when others search for you. Creating a Google profile is one of the best ways of doing that. Why not go right to the most popular search engine itself?

If you go to, click “create my profile” and sign in, you’ll see a new profile which resembles a one-page application. Type in your name, places you’ve lived, company and school history, a short bio, and your interests. You’ll want to change (add) your own photo to the right of the “last name” field. Next, and very importantly, you’ll type in your URLs. Be sure to include your websites, blogs, social media sites, and any Google sites (i.e., Google Reader, etc.). Then, under “Profile URL,” make sure your URL reads as Finally, don’t forget to click on the “photo” and “contact info” tabs. You’ll decide who should see your contact info, such as your contact group. Be sure to finish your profile by clicking “Create a Google Profile.”

Let’s take a look at a completed profile. If you do a Google search for “Karl Gephart,” and look towards the bottom of page one, you’ll see our COO’s picture, his name (linked to his profile), company name (Drake Intelligence Group, LLC), and “Search for Karl Gephart on” other social media sites. Now, click on the link, “Karl Gephart.” In his profile, you’ll notice his photos, links, his “about me”, contact info, etc.

Your completed Google profile result should show up in a Google search of your name within a few days (or less). Remember to check at the bottom of page one!

Karl Gephart

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