Keep Your Thunderbird Email Organized With 2 Colorful Add-ons!

Thunderbird logoWhether I’m browsing my bookmarks, exploring my computer, or filing my email, nothing helps keep me organized better than color. And for the latter, I rely on two very useful add-ons to extend my email client, Thunderbird.

1. Color Folders is a nice add-on to help you quickly identify the meaning of your folders. There’s no need for options in the Thunderbird add-on tab. As you can see by the screenshot below, just find the folder you want, right-click on it, and select “color folders.”


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I use colors to help me easily find my clients in the alphabetical list (though you could rearrange the order of your folders with the Manually Sort Folders addon). The Color Folders add-on is rated 4/5 stars with 87 reviews.

2. Account Colors is another handy add-on to further help your visual organization. From the add-ons list, click options and you’ll see the screenshot below.

Thunderbird Account Colors

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Thunderbird compose email

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Here, you can simply assign colors to each of your accounts or “identities.” The other tabs allow you to take control of your folders, message pane, compose window, and even your threads. As you can see at left, you can color the backgrounds of your compose emails by email address. Other options allow you to change the font style and size, increase the row spacing, and underline an account folder with new mail. I find this addon useful for verifying that I’m composing from the correct email account by glancing at the background color. Account colors is rated 4/5 stars with 70 reviews.

I consider both of these Thunderbird add-ons must-haves. They’ll help speed up your email work. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Try them today!

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