UGLee Ergonomic Pen Review

UGLee Ergonomic Pen

I do most of my writing these days on my laptop or iPad, but occasionally, I need to take notes the old-fashioned way. Whether it’s because my hands aren’t used to gripping a pen or my arthritis is flaring, I find it harder and harder these days to write with a pen for long periods […]

Review: Saving Memories Forever Premium Membership


Saving Memories Forever is a handy iPad app that allows you to create and save family stories. It includes a series of prompts to help get your stories flowing. From the simple, “Where and when were you born?” to the more thought-provoking, “What do you wish you could change?,” they have categories based on age, […]

Easily Receive Files in Your Dropbox from Nonmembers with Dbinbox!


Dropbox is, no doubt, one of the most commonly accepted and simplest cloud-based sharing and storage services out there. It’s very easy to set up a Dropbox account and create a shared folder to drag and drop files into. But how many times have you wanted to receive files to your Dropbox from a person […]

2 Awesome WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

WordPress Plugin

Why should you care if your blog has social sharing buttons installed? To make it easier for your readers to share your content, of course! Don’t assume they have a Hootlet, Pin It, or other toolbar to make sharing easier. Sure, your readers can copy and paste your post into an update on Facebook, Twitter, […]

Review: Lockdown 2013


It is estimated that 1 out 6 websites are WordPress which makes them vulnerable to hacking. If you have ever had your WordPress site hacked, you know how important it is to have good security on it. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help secure your site from hackers. Lockdown 2013 provides […]

6 Simple Steps For Merging Duplicate Facebook Pages

facebook logo

Did you know that if you have duplicate facebook pages, you can easily merge them? I know several clients who created a page, got a few likes, and then forgot about their page. When they hire us for social media management, they don’t always remember these orphaned pages. After I create a new page for […]

7 Smart Tips for Purchasing a Domain Name

domain name dotcom sign

While there are many good domain names out there already taken, there are still plenty of good ones available. If you already have an established business name, you might not be able to get the perfect match, but there are good techniques to keep in mind when you’re ready to make your domain name purchase. […]

Take Your PC On-The-Go With Portable Apps!

Portable Apps

If you’re a PC techie on the go, I don’t have to tell you how invaluable a jumpdrive with portable Windows apps is. It’s like a toolbelt to a handyman. It’s never a bad idea to take your “mini-computer” with you! My 16GB flashdrive holds every program I’d ever want or need – for business […]

Optimize Firefox’s Performance with these Memory Add-Ons!


Like all software, the Windows OS has to be maintained to get the most performance out of it. Updating files, cleaning temp files, verifying file integrity, and removing stray registry entries after uninstalling programs – all of these help contribute to a smoother operating system. Firefox is no different. We saw in my post, Keep […]

10 iOS Camera Apps You’ll Want to Be Sure to Try! (Part 2)


See iOS camera apps 1-5 from the previous post! I enjoy taking photos of my family, home, neighborhood, and city. Over time, I’ve tried a bunch of different apps that do things like filtering, framing, text overlaying, and basic photo editing. Here are iOS camera apps 6-10 that I really like and use regularly… 6Frametastic […]